Old Haderslev Church

The church can be found hereclick for map and GPS-coordinates.   The church is open in the day-times for visitors and worshippers.   Photographing is allowed for private use except during services.   The best wiew at the old church in Haderslev is from "Omfartsvejen" - when coming from south. By passing the central park "Damparken", we see the white church at the right side of the road. It looks bigger than it actually is, because of the tower.

The church is built in the twelfth century as a Romanesque granite church, and the first tower was built in the Gothic time. The present tower is from 1911-12, but many changes have taken place through the centuries.

Inside the church looks more like a village church than a town church.

1. The altar is made by granite. There is a wooden crucifix, and some brass-candlesticks from 1609. The frescos behind the altar have a motive from the Apocalypse.

2. The baptismal font is from the thirteen century, and a very fine example of Danish Romanesque granite style.

3. The pulpit has parts from a Renaissance pulpit from 1609, but has been changed in 1871.

4. The balcony is from 1706, when it was necessary to have more seats in the church.

5. The brass chandeliers are from different ages. In the middle there is a Baroque chandelier from the seventeenth century. On the eastern side a Renaissance chandelier from the sixteenth century and a copy on the western side.

6. The organ is made by Marcussen & Son, a great Danish organ builder.

7. The fresco behind the organ is from the middle age.

8. The porch has some old money-chests.

9. A Renaissance grave monument is placed at the wall.

10. The sacristy and other rooms are built in 1877-78.

More pictures can be seen in the Danish pages.

The church has been renovated in 2018.